[Fic] Unofficial

Title: Unofficial (ffnet)
Rating: M
Warnings: violence

Genres: adventure, drama, suspense
Summary: Between the final battle and the coronation, in a six-months interval, there is time for Queen Anora to rebuild Denerim to a decent enough state, and give Kallian and companions a very hard time. All ends as we know, officially. F/f. Dark - in spite of some attempts at humor.

Pairings: City elf Warden(f)/Leliana, Alistair/Anora, Alistair/Cousland (not recruited)
patient, sad, dragon age, knowforget, knowing

Fields, Forever

Title: Fields, Forever
Fandom: Dragon Age
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Fergus Cousland, Fionn Cousland, Leliana, M!Cousland
Summary: Leliana and the Warden, before and after the choices they must make. Leliana/M!Cousland, hinted Leliana/Fergus Cousland. Based on the feel of Sting’s ‘Fields of Gold’.
Note: Assumes knowledge of DA:O. Mostly implications, nothing explicitly sexual. And a lot of dialogue.


You'll remember me when the west wind moves/upon the field of barley )


New Leliana Fic

So...I  have finally become consumed by Leliana love and have decided to work on a short story (OK, fine, a novella) on her back story.   This is mostly in that it's kind of strange as told in game, which gives me the rather distinct feeling that Leliana is elaborating a wee bit.  (She is a bard, after all.)

If you have any interest in reading/offering ideas/advice/whatever, feel free to find the story on ffnet.

Brief story info:

Title: Masks
Characters:  Leliana, Marjolaine, eventually the Warden (yes, I'll figure out which when I get there.  Maybe...)
Rating:  M (for sex, violence, the usual)
Summary:  Really, it's just Leliana's backstory.  This is my take on how she went from being a noblewoman's companion, to a bard, to a chantry sister, to a companion of the Hero of Ferelden.

Je t'aime

De-lurking to offer up my first foray into writing for the fandom.

Title: Je t'aime
Author: YukiVampyra
Fandom: Dragon Age: Origins
Pairing: F!Mahariel/Leliana
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.
Summary: A scene at camp in which there's banter, a cold Dalish Warden, and fluff. No spoilers, though it takes place whilst the party is searching for the Sacred Ashes.
A/N: I apologise in advance if I didn't get the characterisation perfectly. This is my first attempt at any sort of writing in the fandom.

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♥Dragon Age Kink Meme Fillathon♥ - Feb6th - Feb12 2011

The Dragon Age Kink Meme is a live journal meme that is set up so people can request porn stories anonymously and so others can fill the prompt with fanfiction or fanart anonymously.  This week over at the meme we're having a fill-a-thon!  From Feb 6th - Feb 12th we're puting a hold on new prompts and workin to fill older prompts. Find a prompt you want, and either write/draw or request for it to be filled! Send a secret Valentine to another Dragon Age fan!

The meme currently has 72 Unfilled Leliana Prompts with 40 femslash Leliana prompts and 22 Het Leliana Prompts. This valentines day lets show everyone's favorite bard a little love.  ^_^

Link:  http://dragonage-kink.livejournal.com/

Dragon Age Kink Holiday Fillathon - Dec. 5th - Dec. 11th

Hi Leliana fans.  The Dragon Age Kink Meme (an anonymous erotic fanficiton community) is having a Holiday Fill-a-thon Dec. 5th - Dec. 11.  The set up is easy.  You find a UNFILLED PROMPT  and request it in the Fill-a-thon topic, or you can find a prompt that strikes your fancy and write/draw for it! Everyone is always very apprettiate and will fill your day with holiday cheer. lol

There are sadly only about 67 Unfilled Leliana Prompts  in the archive and only 37 Filled Leliana Prompts.  The poor girl doesn't get nearly as much love as she should! 

Visit us here (link may be NSFW): http://dragonage-kink.livejournal.com/

Warden Commander

Leliana appearance and soul removal modification

I made a replacement face for Leliana that is the same as her default look but with a pinker skin tone with freckles. I know there are a lot of character reskin mods out there and I'm usually not fond of them, but I find the slight change very cute. It's called Ginger Leliana on Dragon Age Nexus. I couldn't think of a better name-- the ginger episode of South Park kept running through my head when I was putting it online.

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Wrath and the Maiden

Title: Wrath and the Maiden (a one-act play for two actors and two chairs)
Rating: T, I’d suppose – no sex&violence, but dark themes abound.
Spoilers: For the entire Origins campaign (with a special focus on Mage Origin) and partially for Awakening.
Genre: Psychology, character study, drama
Pairing: Technically none, but past relationships and unrequieted feelings are all over the place.
Length: ~9000
Summary: Many years after the Blight, Alim Surana, Warden Commander of Ferelden and Arl of Amaranthine, calls his old friend Leliana, now adventurer in service of the Crown, to ask for one last favor.

Beta’d by the fantastic and ever-helpful bellaknoti – the fandom’s favorite comma fairy.

This was not how she remembered him.

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